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We at Price's Candles have been lighting homes and adding magic to special moments for well over 100 years. We are makers of high quality, household, decorative and scented candles. We pride ourselves on our reputation of quality, reliability and service to our customers. We are leaders in candles manufacturing, sales and marketing in Africa.

Our candles are characterized by their excellent finish, are non-drip, non- smoking and do not tunnel. We use top quality waxes in the manufacture of our high quality candles, including Sasol’s synthetic FT waxes.

Our production facility in Newtown, Johannesburg is equipped with several types of candle making technologies (drawing, moulding, extrusion, powder press etc) giving us the flexibility and capacity to be a reliable, high quality supplier. Our wax, equipment selection and meticulous focus on quality allow us to be the people's choice in candles.

For all your candle needs or to enhance any special occasion visit our Price's Candles Showroom centre in Newtown Johannesburg.

You are guaranteed to get the best value with us.